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Welcome to This site is all about how to meet the service demands of luxury hotel guests in a quality way. We offer quality service tips and resources for front office bellstaff, concierge desk, doormen and valet parking attendants. We want to give you opportunity to share the great service stories of your work, get new ideas for building rapport with guests, and learn about guest expectations from experienced travelers.

This site will also assist front office management to train service staff. The Service Question of the Month is intended to be used in staff meetings to foster new ways to think about quality service. The Bellman Handbook and Training Guide (a print resource) is for training new or underperforming bellstaff. Additionally, also has a training division to provide on-site training for bellstaff, using the Bellman’s Handbook as the platform and with one- on- one coaching.


Share Your Quality Service Moments

We have developed a Web site that offers you an opportunity to share your experience in your work, get new ideas for building rapport with guests, and learn about guest expectations from experienced travelers, as well as many other features.

Traveler Posts:

Please share a brief story about a quality service moment that you have experienced at a luxury hotel.

Service Staff Posts:

Please share a brief story about a quality service moment that you created at a luxury hotel.

Traveler Expectations:

What do you wish bellstaff would do to make your stay more delightful?

I really wish bellmen would talk to me and be personable as I enter the hotel rather than talking  to colleagues. When they ignore me or just look at me without a smile or acknowledgement, this does not communicate that “I am here to assist you.” At a recent stay, I passed three different bellmen in a luxury hotel. Not one of them spoke to me.

Brian, Michigan


Top Bellman Fayez Radwan Welcomes You


Service Question of the Month

The questions below are intended to be used in a staff meeting environment to foster conversation about service improvement.


What can you do to make the guest smile? What can you do to make the guest happy in your hotel? What experiences can you create for guests that they will fondly remember the hotel?


What does it really mean to be a bellman? How should a bellman create a culture of hospitality in his hotel?


The Bellman's HandbookThe Bellman's Handbook

Quality hotels are missing a huge opportunity to build customer loyalty, increase business, and create alignment with their brand by overlooking the importance of the bell stand. The Bellman Handbook outlines how the bell stand can hurt or help the hotel’s bottom line. It is written from the point of view of a professional bellman with international five-star hotel experience and vocational training in hospitality. It is intended to be a training guide for new or underperforming bellmen in quality hotels. The 23 page illustrated Bellman Handbook is supported by a manager’s training guide (in a looseleaf notebook) offering 12 lessons that could easily be covered in a twelve week period with an individual or on a monthly basis for an entire staff.


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Reader Testimonial

"Thank you so much for the Bellman's Handbook you sent! I didn't know that I could get so excited about such a booklet, but it is packed with very good information.


Did you send this book exclusively to me? Wouldn't something like this be great for all member B & B's? I thought I was doing a top-notch job, but I'm finding many ways to improve.
Loretta, Ohio


Valet ParkingBellman Tip of the Week

Because so many hotels look alike and are indistinguishable, it is important to create a unique memory in the mind of the guest. One way to do this is to respectfully keep the guest laughing as you talk with them. Use a nice way, but say something that is unexpected. For example, when you point out things in the hotel and they have children who, of course, love to swim. You might say, “Oh we have a beautiful pool for the kids! But, oh no! The pool is closed today and tomorrow.” Once you see the reaction on the kids’ faces, you wait a few seconds and say, “I’m just kidding. Our pool is open from __am to __ pm. We have everything you could want!” This is how you start building a relationship with the customer.